Monday, May 14, 2012

How To Load Your ATG Gun


            I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!! My son made me some great cards and painted a box for me! He is so sweet at this age. I wanted to put up a quick video....I hope this helps...
Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appercation

Hey Y'all,
        I made a Simple & Fast Teacher Appercation Gifts for my sons teachers....

What I did:
I Got a $1.00 Candle From The Dollar Store (Apple sent)
I Etched their Names On the Glass jar on one side and Etched an apple on the other side
( I did use my Gypes and gypes font,  to cut out the name in vinyl)
I for the Apple Tag I just the Red Apple I used at 4inch I used Create A Critter Cat.
I Cut the White Apple at 3.5inchs
The saying on the apple says: Thank You for Being An Apple of a Teacher & Lighting The Way to My Success!

Thanks to All the Teachers

I will try to post a Video in the next few days....


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello y'all,
           I have been on the run since last week....filed trips, cooking, cleaning, my other business and much more....i haven't had time to do very much crafting!! But i will be on it i have to make a Birthday Card for my Dad and with mothers day just next week I have to make a card for that I will be posting ASAP. Thanks Y'all and I hope you have a wonderful day!!