Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make Your UnSticky Mat...Sticky Again!!

Hey Yall!!!
                             Well I Hope Everyone One Had a HOPPY Easter!! I sure did...we had lots of good food!! The Bunny stoped by and hide some eggs for my lil boy!! Well i wanted to share with you how i make my mats sticky again. We all have this problem if you have a cricut!! This i what i do to make them almost like NEW!
This is Everything You will Need To Make It Like New and Sticky Once Again

Thank Yall Hope that this helps you out!!


Honey Lane Paperie said...

The old toothbrush is a great idea! Thanks

Lori Breyfogle said...

Thanks! Great video!

Leslee Haylett said...

Can't wait to refurbish my mats!!!

Maria Angela Gomez said...

Hi! I did it and it got very sticky and broke my paper... any solution?

Linda Zabierowsky said...

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Maria you may have used light weight paper. Mine worked the second time I used it. I think my problem was I pressed the paper done super good. Thanks again!